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Google PageRank Updated Again

Wow… somebody sure is taking this paid links jihad very seriously. Google has again reduced the PageRank values of various sites. The main suspected reason for this seems to lean heavily on selling Text-Link-Ads. Mind you this is just a theory at the moment… Google is taking the approach of keeping quiet for now.

Some of the notable casualties include:

  1. From PR6 to PR4
  2. From PR4 to PR2. And in true Lilian fashion; she struck back by recommending Yahoo! over el-Goog
  3. From PR4 to PR3; I’m not sure if Gaman will continue with his business as usual mantra this time around
  4. From PR6 to PR4; Now this is really a mystery to me… Copyblogger doesn’t even sell text links! Could it be because Copyblogger mooted out the idea of not relying on Google for your online business models?

Strange times indeed.

My take on this issue? I think if you consider PageRank as measuring unit of a web site’s quality, then I must say that that is a flawed approach. PageRank is just an algorithm. Sure, it’s popular. Sure, it’s used by Google… the top search engine at this time; but it’s obviously not perfect. Nothing is!

But also please, please, please bear in mind that Google is not primarily a search company. Contrary to what you may believe, Google is very much more an advertising giant rather than a search engine company.

Personally, I think this is just a move by el-Goog to ensure that they remain the biggest online advertising entity on the Internet for years to come. Whether it’s a brilliant or incredibly stupid move is yet to be seen.

10 responses to “Google PageRank Updated Again”.

  1. kucau Says:

    i say its a briliant move by google until some anti competitive law applied to them by some other underdog advertising comp.

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  3. papajoneh Says:

    i don’t know the right term here.. but i think google did a good job in controlling their market. And like kucau said above.. until some etc etc complaints their monopoly.. BigG indeed want us to follow its style.

  4. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Joneh, I think the term is “monopolistic behaviour” 😉

  5. Rice Blogger Says:

    there is definitely a change in the perception of pagerank

  6. ezams Says:

    Or probably they really frust defeated by Microsoft to get Facebook,so we become their punch bag.. lol.

  7. Kay Kastum Says:

    Well. Life still goes on after the dust settles. Lucky thing I wear face mask.

  8. ketyung Says:

    Hahaha, was down to 3 last week and now pushed back to 7 after a week. I think it was 6 b4…..but some Google DC still show 3, you can check out here 🙂 using digpagerank

  9. Criz Lai Says:

    I wonder what the reasons behind all that drastic degrading on some probloggers. It gonna hurt their pocket if they are doing the PPP thingy. Luckily I got promoted… haha. I do not think they can demote a PR0 right? 😛

  10. mypapit Says:

    i think it only google upping its standards of page rank. Remember that during the last couple of years, it was so easy to get PR4?

    Yeah, pagerank has gotten cheap and inflatedback then. Now google is taking steps to make it valueable again.