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Business Travel Mystery: Parking Rates

I just found out that I have to survey a potential development area for my company. Now what’s so bad about this you might ask. Actually, in 90% of the time, it’s pretty much a straight forward process;

  1. Drive to site
  2. Survey the site
  3. Conduct a feasibility study
  4. Draft a report
  5. Report to the management

What’s different this time ’round is that the area I’m assigned to survey is right smack in the middle of a bustling city! Sure, you get all the facilities, nice accomodation, etc. However, what really pains me is the parking!

You see, the site I’m going to survey is literally boxed between high-rise buildings. I got no problems with public transport, but this city is renowned for its less than dependable taxis and buses. Considering the importance of this survey to my organisation, I can’t afford to gamble my time taking public transport for my assignment.

Sometimes I wish there was a parking rate directory of sorts for major cities in Malaysia. Just select the city from a drop-down list, submit the form and get results displayed on the resulting page. Want an example? Try this: Rent Parking in London.

Don’t be fooled by the simple page layout; it is very informative and as a potential business visitor, I’m more than happy with what’s being displayed. Just by scanning the page, I can obtain the following information:

  • The exact location of the parking spot
  • The rate chargeable
  • By clicking a location, I get to see more detailed information; even a map is included!

Now if you know of a similar web site for Malaysia, please drop me a comment. I would love to know!