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Small Business Opportunities Of The 21st Century

The Entrepreneurial Mind has posted this interesting list of the top 10 forecasts for 2008 and beyond. I can’t say that I agree 100% with the points listed there but it makes for really interesting reading.

One of the most interesting point, in my opinion, would be that fashion will go wired as technologies and tastes converge to revolutionize the textile industry. It’s interesting because I see the textile industry to be one of the most technology-averse. Just check out the clothes you wear, or for argument’s sake, those that are being paraded on catwalks all over the world.

The only major change that I’ve observed is of the aesthetic nature. Literally everything else; the cloth, buttons, zippers, threads, etc; have remained constant over decades if not centuries.

So does this mean that I don’t think that fashion will go wired? On the contrary, my friends! This is already happening right now. Personally, I think it will just be a matter of months before wholesale fashion jewelry will consist of microprocessors, memory chips and LEDs instead of crystals and beads.

I just don’t think that the textile industry has tech assisted progression in its DNA. The whole industry has always been a “lead the fashion sheep” kind of deal. The trinkets and costume jewelery industry on the other hand, is usually much faster in implementing changes.

If I’m a betting man, that’s where I’ll place my bets.