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Would The Internet Reduce The Need For Elderly Care?

I’ve been reading this case study on called The Elderly and the Internet and it triggered an interesting thought in my mind; Would the Internet reduce the need for elderly care? Hence, the title of this post.

In Malaysia at present, sending ones elderly parent to a nursing home is still considered taboo. Personally, I have no qualms about being sent to a nursing home should I be a burden to my children. I’ve accepted the fact that I will grow old and die. I also accepted the fact that as I become older, handling me could be troublesome. Therefore, it might be better if I were to be handled by the professionals at a nursing home.

Anyway, back to the topic; I’ve also found out that currently, 4.5% of Malaysia’s population is aged 65 and above. According to my not so educated guesstimate, this figure would most likely be around 7% by the time I’m 65.

However, the one thing that would separate my generation from those of my parents would be the fact that the Internet was born when we’re in our late teens to early twenty. Heck, most of use would probably would have shopped, transferred funds and looked for information online.

With this experience, I’m pretty sure I can go through the remainder of my twilight years with some level of comfort as long as I’m connected to the Internet. This will definitely reduce my dependency on any third party. In the worse case, I’m pretty sure I can manage to shop online for incontinence supplies then. Nevertheless putting them on might be a problem for a sexagenarian!

Let’s be realistic, when we’re at a ripe old age we’ll still need the support of other human beings, especially from family members. Although technology, specifically the Internet, would be a great source of information, entertainment, communications and probably the primary way to purchase goods and services; it’s still no replacement for interaction with a fellow homo sapiens.

But then, who knows what the Internet might evolve to then… maybe I would be just like the average participant in the case study mentioned earlier.

3 responses to “Would The Internet Reduce The Need For Elderly Care?”.

  1. aryst Says:

    Internet does cater the needs in human but the basic one, I mean love, we can’t get from computer or Internet…pure love came from our family…btw, have you seen the CSI episode where the sister suffered from the ‘hairy diseases’ (I don’t remember the diseases name)..she is an example of living by the Internet…

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi aryst,

    However, love is a purely abstract concept. We can’t measure it, and thus can’t specifically gauge its necessity or effectiveness.

    Mind you, I’m not saying that humans don’t need love. I didn’t even mention the word in my write up. I’m actually more concerned with the physical needs.

    Sure, our kids would love us till the day we die (hopefully!), but they can’t be watching out for us 24/7. It’s inevitable that we will be more dependent on third parties or technology to fill the gaps.

    As for the “hairy disease episode on CSI”, I couldn’t really comment because I didn’t watch that particular episode 🙁

    Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to contribute 🙂

  3. Zul Says:

    Hi Azmeen,

    Looking ahead, when the time comes, yes, I’d like to have easy access for internet just like nowadays. But we never know how things will evolve, including the internet technology. Perhaps, professional nurse will be replaced by robot nurse? They may become our good friends too…