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Experimenting With Affiliate Marketing

Let me state it right away; I think I’m addicted. However, I don’t think that this addiction requires me to go for drug rehabilitation. So what’s this thing that has been giving me two sleepless nights in a row? Affiliate marketing. Yes, that is my drug at the moment.

I got a domain that I’ve bought a couple of years ago that has been collecting dust. I’ve done literally everything that I know of to make it useful. I’ve blogged on it, I’ve ran a free web service on it, I’ve even parked the domain on a domain monetization parking service. However, deep inside, I know that this domain has a far greater potential!

So after lurking at one of the most popular affiliate marketing forums on the Internet, I decided to give affiliate marketing a go. I’ve chosen a niche for my project, signed up with a few affiliates, customized the backend of the system and fired away! I’ve also reused my previously dormant PPC marketing account to start pushing traffic to the web site.

I’m not going to mention where the new project is located… however, I’m pretty sure regular HTNet readers are going to find it very easily.

Wish me all the best guys!

5 responses to “Experimenting With Affiliate Marketing”.

  1. Derrick Tan Says:


    Good Luck to you but sometimes I though affiliate marketing can be quite difficult for a new website with no traffic. By using PPC, you will lose heart easily after no conversion was done.

    But you seems to have regular traffic from your HTNet readers, so probably that may be a break for you.

    All the best!


  2. AGF Says:

    All the best!

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi Derrick,

    The web site may be new but the domain has been around for quite some time. It even has Alexa traffic figures as well as a decent PageRank.

    Thanks for your best wishes 🙂

    And thanks to you too AGF 😉

  4. ethel Says:

    All the best!! 😀

  5. Kay Kastum Says:

    Aisey… tell la. 😀

    I have been toying with the idea of affiliate marketing as well. However still need to do lots of wisdom absorbing before embarking into it.