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Is A Career In Sports Feasible For Malaysians?

I believe that everyone has a role in society. Technocrats, businessmen, leaders and not forgetting the operatives that does the actual implementation. Of course, there’s also the entertainers and sports personalities; whom the younger generation looks up to.

However, some sports require more investment by its participants. Even sports that seemingly require little to no equipment can call for significant resources to separate the successful from the mediocre. For example, body building, a sport where the participants are only dressed in tiny undergarments, often requires quite a bit of investment when it comes to their bodybuilding supplements.

So obviously if somebody so happens to be passionate about an expensive sport, he or she might require assistance in becoming one of the best in that particular sport. Looking at Malaysia’s long history of praising winners in heaps and condemning losers just as much, it makes me wonder how our athletes in some of the less popular sports are doing.

The number of world class Malaysian athletes is way too small and we can probably count them using the fingers on our hands; however, it’s those literal unknowns that I’m more worried about. Are they destined to be amateurs or semi-pros until retirement? Funding must come from somewhere and an athlete couldn’t just depend on government support.

I’m just wondering how does a career sportsperson survive in Malaysia? If you are one, or know somebody who is, could you please enlighten me on this subject? I’m sure other readers would love to know as well.