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What Am I Selling?

A few people have asked what I’m selling in my affiliate marketing experiment? I think I got nothing to lose by giving out this information, so I’ll do it in this post.

One category of the products I’m trying to push are diamond rings. Yes, jewelry (or jewellery, depending on the form of English you use). Mind you the link I’ve posted there is not the site I’m developing (in fact, they are a competitor… but there’s no harm sharing a quality site, right?); but it’s one of those sites which I found during my studies into this niche. Done right, I’m sure it can be very profitable.

I think this niche is straightforward enough to be used as an experiment sandbox. Even a single sale can provide quite a significant income for the affiliate.

Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to know my esteemed visitors’ opinions on purchasing jewelry online. Have you done it? Would you consider buying gold pendants, bracelets or even cufflinks online? I’d love to hear from you!

Now do you know where I’m selling my blings? 😉