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You Really Can Sell Anything Online!

…of course, provided that it’s globally legal.

As you might already know, I’ve been trying to promote my online “shop” selling quality jewelry at affordable prices. Nevertheless, at times, it does seem like an impossibility. Do people really buy jewelry online? Perhaps I didn’t study this niche as thoroughly as I would have liked.

Does this dampen my spirits to make some nice side income from the Internet? Hell no! If estate agents can sell Las Vegas homes for sale online, jewelry shouldn’t be any more difficult, right?

This is what I’m telling myself everyday for the past week or so. Others have done even tougher deals and manage to profit from it. I just need to put more effort in promoting and optimizing my pages.

As the old saying goes, put in 100% effort and the returns will come.

2 responses to “You Really Can Sell Anything Online!”.

  1. joerzoe Says:

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  2. Says:

    Hang in there, man! Doing everything you possibly can to promote yourself, statistically you’re unlikely to see any major sales before the 3 month mark. It’ll come though.