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The Age Of Mobile Data

I lug my notebook computer with me almost everywhere I go. It’s not like that I have to be able to manage my servers anywhere I go; but the fact is that there’s a lot of data stored on my notebook that is essential to my work and life in general.

My notebook was assigned to me by my company due to the nature of my work. Although a desktop would most likely be much more powerful and better featured than my notebook, it’s just not feasible for me to do my job properly. I need to be agile and mobile in both my approach to finding business solutions and physically as well.

However, one gripe I have with the notebook is that it can only accommodate one hard drive. In the event that this hard drive goes kaput, I would probably be half dead! I’m also given a thumb drive to store important documents and files; but at a capacity of 250MB, it’s almost useless! Heck, I can store more data on a CD.

I’m seriously considering a better mobile data storage device; probably something like this 500GB portable external hard drive. At half a terabyte, it would be more than enough for my data needs.

The thing with data is that you’ll only appreciate it more when it’s gone. However, when that time comes, you would surely regretted not having backups. It’s a fact that should be accepted by every computer user, and should not be an issue that only concerns the IT department. Remember, it’s your data anyway.

One should seriously consider investing in a portable hard drive if your profession requires frequent travel. If your destinations aren’t exactly “comfortable”, the sturdiness of your portable hard drive would definitely come into play.

Now, how would you know that a portable hard drive is worth investing in? Well, if you have a near phobia-like fear of losing files and documents on your computer, then it’s a good enough reason for me. Although online storage is becoming more and more affordable by the day, some data are very confidential and shouldn’t be trusted to a third party.

Do you use a portable hard drive? Do you think it’s a worthwhile investment?

4 responses to “The Age Of Mobile Data”.

  1. amos Says:

    Save/Sync your data to your office server and let IT handle the central backup.
    You will be headache free.

  2. Kay Kastum Says:

    I went to Australia, took more than 500 photos and saved all of it in the pc drive. The PC went kaput because of of the driver being corrupted.
    Now I save important stuff in an external hard drive. Hmm what if this one’s gone too..?

  3. nimrodjo Says:

    I do use a portable HD and it is worth my investment…I carry it to school and store my important data…but I do try to back up everything so that when my portable HD go ‘kaput’ (kay, pinjam ko punya istilah), I still have my data elsewhere…as I read from one expert opinion, back-up..back-up…back-up…back-up as many as you can…

  4. ACER BT.T5003.001 Says:

    it’s a good aticle,thanks