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Are Cheques Still Useful Nowadays?

Let me tell you one thing that irritates the heck out of me whenever I want to purchase something; the insistence on the method of payment to be in cheque. This just plain unnecessary in my point of view. Cash is cash. Whether its plastic cash, cold hard cash, or even cash in the form of cheques… it is still cash!

The fact of the matter is that getting a checking account is not really a simple process. There’s just too many loops to go through and frankly, I don’t this it’s worth the pain. Mind you, this is in Malaysia where bureaucratic nonsense rules supreme. Which is why I wish that simple processes like those employed by WaMu would reach here faster!

Maybe that day will come soon enough. I really hope that the liberation of the local financial market were to be followed through much faster. Right now, all the buzz seem to have died. Banks are no longer merging and thinking that they by themselves could take on the likes of Citibank and DBS. Dream on Malaysian banks!

Getting back on the topic, do you run a business? Does your business insist on transacting exclusively using cheques? If yes, in the name of everything holy, pray tell me why?!

3 responses to “Are Cheques Still Useful Nowadays?”.

  1. Deslack Says:

    I have not encountered those, to be frank. Instead I have a preference to cheques. And many retailers refuse to honor them.

    Hard cash is risky to carry around, nowadays. That is why I prefer cheques.

    Do tell us what store insisted on u drawing a cheque to them?

  2. mypapit Says:

    hmm i havent found places that request me to pay solely by cheques. Almost all of them readily accepts credit cards, mepcash, a small fraction of them accepts money order and postal order and the likes of it.

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Thanks for your comments Deslack and mypapit,

    Perhaps I should have phrased my introduction better. It’s not really for purchases but usually for payments of fees and the like.

    A weird example I can relate right now is opening of a checking account which requires the initial deposit to be in (of all things) cheque!

    Now getting back to Deslack’s comment about many establishments’ refusal to honour cheques. The thing about cheques is that they’re just too easy to issue. However, there’s no promise that the cheque will eventually go through. Hence the refusal of many merchants to accept cheques as a form of payment.

    Personally, I wouldn’t be inclined to accept cheques either… unless of course its from a customer with a proven history.