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Product Promotion Gone Wrong

I was looking to buy a few stuff from Giant on Sunday and went there with my family. After picking up some of the items we already planned to buy, I proceed to check out the instant beverages section of the store.

If you watch Malaysian TV, you’ve probably seen an advertisement showcasing Oligo Coco, a chocolate malt drink with oligofructose and DHA/EPA. It’s a pretty catchy ad… you know, one where the product jingle just gets stuck in your head!

Well, I saw packets of Oligo Coco on the shelf and picked up one. I was reading the ingredients and nutritional values table (yes, I do actually read them) on the packaging when I was approached by a Power Root (the company that produces Oligo Coco) promoter beckoning us to have a taste of Oligo Coco.

I was hesitant at first because I’m already going to buy a packet to test the product at home but the promoter, a middle-aged auntie, was very persistent… in fact, it was almost bordering on being irritating. So I thought, what the heck, I might as well try it for free anyway.

When we reached her booth, there weren’t any readily made samples available, so the promoter decided to brew for us a fresh batch. Very thoughtful, right? No! Let me tell you why… the water she used to prepare the samples was bloody boiling hot! It was so damn hot that I almost burnt my lips just by hovering it a centimeter above the concoction.

After about two minutes of waiting for the drink to cool down, I just gave up and put the untested sample straight into the bin. Before I walked away, I told the promoter that I was about to purchase the drink anyway before she started her sales pitch to me, and now I decided not to buy the thing because of her attempt to scald my lips and throat.

Let this be a lesson to companies out there. Some things just require no testing, especially when your promoters are obviously not ready to pitch your product. For God’s sake, it was only a coco drink and not Cleveland golf clubs where I need to try them out before purchasing!

At that moment in time, Power Root lost what was an almost confirmed customer. I may purchase Oligo Coco some other time… but surely this wasn’t the first impression that Power Root wanted to give me as a potential customer.

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  1. mypapit Says:

    IMO, the woman shouldn’t promote the drinks to you since you already going to buy it. Promotion and sampling only works to convince new customers to their product, not the other way around. I’m sure the woman is just eager to promotes it to you that she forgets the true objective of product promotion