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Moving On To Proper XHTML At Your Own Pace

There are many XHTML resources on the Internet, including tutorials, guides, references and even full blown eBooks. However, if I were made to recommend one (and only one) resource that would be the most useful to XHTML newbies or novices, then I have to say that it would be W3 Schools.

Specifically, I find their Learn XHTML and XHTML Tag Reference sections to be first class! If you’re starting out with XHTML or want to brush up your knowledge in this area, then W3 Schools is hands down, the best place to start your journey.

As you’ve probably heard the old saying thats states “practice makes perfect”, you’ll understand the meaning behind the quote. The more you do something, the better you’ll become at it. This holds true to everything in life, including learning proper XHTML.

In each W3 Schools XHTML tag reference subsection there’s an area where you could implement what you’ve learned. You can actually build your XHTML by hand and have it previewed in the same page itself; side by side! Want an example? Check out this live demo on building a fieldset.

Just like a drug addict would go to drug treatment centers to treat his addiction, W3 Schools would be the equivalent for those who write bad XHTML. It may seem troublesome and more than hard work at times, but once you know how to write proper XHTML it’ll be a good behavioural adjustment process.

Nobody said that self improvement would be pain-free anyway, right?