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Doctors Find Dead Foetus in Boy

… and it’s his twin brother! From this BBC News article:

Doctors in Bangladesh say they have removed a long-dead foetus from the abdomen of a teenage boy who was complaining of stomach pains.

They said the foetus would have become the boy’s twin had it grown normally in their mother’s womb.

Now that’s something you wouldn’t recover from too quickly! Just imagine, the worse you’d think of is that you’re having one bloody major stomach ache, heck, probably gastric pains (which coincidentally is Malaysia’s undisputed no. 1 reason for medical leave) or something.

I just can’t imagine the look on the poor kid’s face when the doctor said, “Good news; we found your long lost brother. Bad news; he’s dead. The worst part is that he’s been dead inside you for the past 16 years.” Eurgh!

2 responses to “Doctors Find Dead Foetus in Boy”.

  1. tyler Says:

    Oh my god, that would suck. I don’t think I could deal with having a dead fetus inside me. Once notified of it, I’d feel like destroying my entire body. I don’t like the idea of things being inside me. I hope I never have to go to prison. 🙂

  2. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    *ring ring*
    Manager: Hello
    Worker: Hi, I cannot come in today, I am having my brother surgically removed!
    Manager: Yeah sure! If you’re not in by nine your sacked!
    Worker: I’m not kidding, he’s inside me! I’m getting him removed.
    Manager: On second thoughts, don’t bother coming in today or ever!
    Worker: Well, I’m suing! All this time my brothers been going in to work with me, and you haven’t paid him ONE CENT!
    Manger: Damn! His dead brother was the smarter of the two!