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The Meaning Of Giving Sincerely

My company does some charity events throughout the year. The next (and final one for 2007) event would be treating the kids from an orphanage at McDonald’s as well as providing them with some gifts.

The company has decided to put up a Christmas tree at one of our lobbies (our offices span two floors) and decorate it with a note in which a child has made a request for a specific item.

Let me be honest here, I’m not the most charitable person in the world. However, I’m not proud of this fact and I’m going to improve myself now. I’ve just taken one of the wish list item and it was from an eight year old girl called Gayathiri.

Gayathiri wants a school bag for Christmas, and she’s going to get one!

Anyway, I had an interesting conversation with a colleague regarding this issue yesterday. She was unhappy that we’re encouraged to contribute in this exercise. Although I respect her opinion, I just couldn’t understand what’s the big deal?!

It’s not like the orphans want a PS3, toys or even a pearl necklace for Christmas… the gifts are either school bags or school uniforms, which I don’t think anyone could consider as luxury items by any stretch of their imagination.

Well, when I called her Mrs Scrooge, she shot back, “And proud of it!”

I guess everyone has his or her own issues to deal with in which I wouldn’t know about anyway. At least she wasn’t forced to contribute. Better be sincere in doing charity rather than have a hidden agenda (like tax reductions, etc.) about it, right?

To me, that is the meaning of giving sincerely. You have absolutely no qualms about giving the gift away… and you’ll have no regrets once it’s passed to the recipient. If you had to analyze the gift and giving process then it’s better not to give anything at all.

Heck, if I were the recipient of an insincere gift, I would return it in a heartbeat. How about you?

3 responses to “The Meaning Of Giving Sincerely”.

  1. ethel Says:

    Wow, that’s actually a good idea to do. Put up a Christmas tree with cards that contains the children’s wish list. I don’t see no harm in giving them what you want: like you said.. it’s not like they asked for a PS3 or something.

    As for Mrs. Scrooge, eii… I dunno what to say lah. There’s so many tangkai jering people out there. LOL!

    Yep, if I’m the recipient, I wouldn’t hesitate to return the gift.

  2. Kay Kastum Says:

    You are right. These are things they needed. Some people have to struggle more in order to go through life and a little help would definitely be great.
    My church is organizing a kids Xmas party for the foster homes etc, and I am playing in the band as well as the choir part. Sure hope we can make them at least happy on that day.

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    It’s a fun and creative way to encourage charity I guess.

    Well, like I said, it’s maybe she has issues we don’t know about. But I still think that’s a pretty cheap excuse.


    I’m sure with your talents the kids will definitely enjoy your Christmas party performance.

    Thanks for the comments my favourite blogging siblings 🙂