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Creativity: A Stress Combating Tool

I was told that stress is the number one killer. However, it shouldn’t be as there are many things we can do to relieve stress. This can be as easy as making small routine changes (such as avoiding traffic jams) to large drastic life changes (such as ending a stressful relationship).

One of the best ways that you can relieve stress is to engage your creative side. What can you do to get creative? Anything you like, as long as you immense yourself in the creative process!

Try something that engages your mental creativity. For example, isn’t it about time you changed your blog’s theme? If it has one sidebar, change to a two sidebar theme. Add those bits of information you’ve always wanted to include but have been postponing for way too long.

To relieve stress you have to do something you can be proud of. For example, when was the last time you brought that special someone a gift? Not just any normal gift, think out of the box! For guys, try shopping online for women’s lingerie for that special someone. Just make sure you know her size!

You could also do something that is physically creative. A good example would be to take up gardening. If your front lawn looks plain, try planting some flower plants and nurture them to bloom. Imagine how your ideal garden would look like and cultivate your new-found flora friends to grow up just as you’ve imagined!

I used to suffer from significant stress struggling to use software to perform all sorts of computing tasks. Fast forward a few years to now, I’m an analyst programmer by profession. I took up programming and systems administration to help me understand computer systems better. I now harness my passion and knowledge into helping others to have a better computing experience.

Programming might be seen as something mundane or even geeky, but I honestly believe that anyone can turn their computers into a friend rather than a tool they struggle to use. It just takes a bit of patience and the willingness to learn.

Every now and then I still suffer some stress trying to get my programs to function better. When it begins to get overwhelming, I usually take a few steps back and do something totally different; such as playing with my son, talking a walk, or even watch some TV. When I break the routine, I find that my mind becomes fresher and thus could think of many alternative solutions to the problem I originally had.

Sometimes you just need to be inspired to be more creative; once you do, lock on to that frame of mind and get things done!

4 responses to “Creativity: A Stress Combating Tool”.

  1. Mary Jaksch Says:

    This is a good post!
    I’m fascinated by how the mind works (being a Zen master) and have just written a couple of posts on what makes us creative. However, I never considered that creativity reduces stress. That’s a very interesting thought. Thank you! I’ll mention it in my next post on creativity and link to you.

  2. Angela Tsune Says:

    Very Interesting post. Get Creative!!!! and enjoy life.

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Mary Jaksch,

    Thanks for the compliments! I wrote this post after being inspired by what I’ve read recently and relating it to my life.

    I merely connected the dots and concluded what I’ve experienced and found that it’s worth sharing. I’m overjoyed that you found it worth linking to.

    I love the content you have on your blog! I’ll be sure to visit it regularly 🙂

    Angela Tsune,

    Thank you! Can’t agree with you more. Life is meant to be lived creatively 🙂

  4. Dawn Says:

    I’m just getting into Yoga and it is so fascinating how the mind can work. Great post.