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Combining Style And Technology

I was browsing around for some electronics for my home when I happen to come across Dyson’s latest range of vacuum cleaners. My immediate thought was “Wow! I never knew vacuum cleaners look pretty darn nice nowadays.”

Then I remembered that I had just been to a renowned electrical appliances store recently and I’m very sure I’ve been at their vacuums section. Yet, I can’t recall seeing any model that captured my attention or even arouse the slightest bit of interest in me.

What particularly excites me about Dyson’s vacuum cleaner range is the fact that its not only beautiful but the technology that they employ in their products is very captivating! Power and beauty; now that’s a combination you don’t get too often these days.

More importantly, this product range by Dyson shows that its possible to include the best aspects of two separate categories into a fine product. Take the best engineering in your niche and combine it with killer looks and you’ll get a winner. Needless to say, this requires tremendous amount of research and development to pull off.

Congrats to Dyson for such a wonderfully designed product range… now if only I can get a test unit to play with 😉