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Embrace Change And Increase Your Self Worth

Whether we admit it or not, a huge majority of us are change-averse. We prefer a fixed routine where everything is as close to predictability as possible. We fear change. It’s not normal. Some changes might even seem unnatural.

Well guess what, if nothing changed from the age of our ancestors, then we’d still be living in caves. We’d still have to hunt for our food. And don’t think vegans will have it easy either… we won’t be farming and the fruits and vegetables we love so much will only be picked in forests.

The good thing is that since so many people are change-averse, this gives ample opportunity for those who can accept changes to shine!

All the best things in life came into existence because a person (or a group of people) wanted to break the status quo. They looked for solutions to problems. Some of these problems didn’t even exist during their time, but they foresee them anyway. Better still, they are already working on solutions!

We deal with unpredictability on a daily basis; traffic jams, domestic accidents, emergencies… no one can escape from it. How one deals with these incidents, is what separates the successful person from those living in obscurity.

A useful tool to reduce the stress of change is to accept the worst case scenario. It’s a very simple process which can be described in three lines:

  1. Imagine the worst thing that could happen as a result of the change
  2. Accept this scenario as an eventuality
  3. Just do perform the change as best as you can knowing that anything not as bad as the worst case scenario is in itself a success!

Let’s take an example of an unemployed person. This person has been unemployed for months now… surviving only savings collected from previous jobs. Imagine that the fund will dry up anytime within the next couple of months. Imagine him reading the vacancies section of the newspaper only to find an opening for a salesperson. Now imagine also that this person has absolutely zero experience in sales or marketing.

Now imagine that the person mentioned above is you!

Would you apply for the job? Yes? Even if you really hate talking to people? Yes? Even if you have low self confidence after your long unemployment spell? Still saying yes?

Let’s look at the worst case scenario for this person: remaining unemployed after flunking the interview. Before we proceed, are you sure this is the absolute worst case scenario? I don’t think so. Let’s try this for size:

Failed the interview, which happens to be for the last available job in the world! Ran out of funds after six weeks. Living in starvation for the next two weeks. Died without a single cent to your name a few days later and your body is buried with an anonymous headstone.

Now accept that fact and avoid it from happening at all costs! Prepare yourself for the interview. Get tips from successful salespeople. Brush up on your communications skills. More importantly be sincere, honest and truthful throughout the interview!

You might not get that job, but if you carry yourself well enough, you might be offered a more compatible job in the future! The important thing is to remember that you went through the change successfully.

Remember that going for the interview is in itself a success. Why? Because you have just gained significant interview experience. This by itself is worth more than all the interviewing tips books in the world because you went through this change yourself!

Write down all the things that happened during the interview and how you responded to it as soon as possible. Find out areas where you could have done better and improve on it! Bask in the glory that you have survived a change process and ended up much better than anticipated.

Remember that change embracement is an ongoing process. It builds your character and makes you stand out from the crowd. It gives you more confidence to face similar and even tougher challenges in the future.

So go out and face the world… make some changes to your life and live more successfully!

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Only one response to “Embrace Change And Increase Your Self Worth” so far.

  1. Jeri Says:

    Nice topic, very awakening.

    Life really is just pretty tough sometimes. And it feels so stupid to want the job that doesn’t want you. And yet, despite failures we need to keep our self-esteem up, another tough job, and more, to embrace change one after the other. Whew!!! Life is cool, with all it’s ups and downs. But that’s life, so annoying sometimes, but challenging and BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Life really is survival of the strong and the fittest.