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Key To Online Success: Buy Domain Names That Don’t Suck

I’ve been shopping for a domain name today and I am honestly proud of the domain name that I purchased. I don’t believe that all the good domain names are taken so obviously I didn’t buy an aftermarket domain name.

I want to share with you some tips about buying domain names; whether it’s for your next blog, online store or some other special purpose web site. Mind you, these tips don’t apply for corporate web sites.

  • Always get a .com domain: Yeah, this comes from someone who’s hosting his blog on a .net domain. There’s nothing wrong with the other TLDs, but .com is the norm and the one that most people are comfortably with
  • Make your domain name descriptive: If it’s for an online business, then make sure the domain describes your business. For example, if you sell flowers then is definitely much more suitable than, regardless of whatever net subculture you subscribe to
  • Avoid dashes and numbers in your domain name unless it’s really unavoidable: I wish I considered this when I purchased ten years ago. It’s really hard to say the domain name, especially on the phone
  • Don’t be too bothered about the number of letters in the domain: As long as it’s not 30 plus characters long, it is more important to limit the number of words in the domain name; I believe that three words would be pretty good; ie. may seem long, but it’s easy to pronounce and read
  • Avoid having the words the, best, online and top in your domain name: These words have been overused to hell and even sound spammy right off the bat

If you’re looking for a good place to buy your domains, I highly recommend that you go to GoDaddy:

8 responses to “Key To Online Success: Buy Domain Names That Don’t Suck”.

  1. weirdoux Says:

    i have 5 more domains to sell…. click on my name and youwill see the domain’s name. it’s a very good domain name.

  2. papajoneh Says:

    Wahhh.. weirdoux.. thats totally weird man. hahahaha. J/K 😉

    Man, buying domain name is really tiring. I ever hit that submit button like more than 20 times.. and end up I do not want. Pengsan!

  3. Kay Kastum Says: many domains are you running right now buddy? Care to show? 😀

  4. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    That’s a great idea! I will do a showcase post soon 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Jan Says:

    Thanks for the tips. So .com is the way to go. I’d better change my name .org to .com.

    I’m maintaining 20 domains who wanna see it?


  6. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Wow, 20 domains! Sure, you can list them here. If it gets trap in the spam filter just let me know.

  7. Jan Says:

    Hey Azmeen spam filter just caught me. I listed only half of it.

  8. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Jan: Strange, I don’t see anything in the spam/mod queue. Maybe you can separate the .com (or whatever) portion from the domain names and I’ll re-join them later.