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The Most Shocking Disease That Most People Don’t Know They Have

There’s one dreadful disease that infects everyone. It’s dangerous and in fact can even be lethal in some cases. I have it. I know you have it too. It’s all around us and it’s eating at our hearts, minds and souls. This disease, my friends, is called fear.

Take a step back and reflect on your life. Have you wondered how many opportunities you have missed due to your fear? You could have had a significantly higher networth now if you have purchased some Google stocks when it was floated. You could have gotten your dream job had you not been fearful of rejection. You could have been married to the girl of your dreams had you had the courage to propose to her.

The bad news is that those opportunities will never come back. On the other hand, opportunities keep on hitting you right in the face; you just need to overcome your fear of grabbing as much as you can!

The Fear Of Being A Pioneer

Pioneers Are Front Runners

Photo Credit: Saint Seminole

There will always be leaders as there will be followers. So ask yourself this question; Are you the shepherd or are you sheep?

Leaders identify potential benefits and go for it. It’s as simple as that… look for the good and go for it! Followers are just like sheep, they merely follow whoever is at the front.

Followers are afraid to take the challenge of becoming a leader. They will find a thousand excuses on why they don’t want to be the first to do things. However, all the excuses only point to one central flaw: fear.

Yes, it’s the F word. The word that sums up all the things you choose to see instead of the one thing you want to achieve: success.

Promise yourself that after reading this post that you will grab the next opportunity to be a pioneer in something new. Take ownership of the idea and run with it. More importantly, make the idea reality! Remember the Nike motto: Just do it!

The Fear Of Emulating Success

Cities Are Built By Copying Successfully

Photo Credit: kayodeok

Perhaps you might be thinking; Pioneering probably isn’t my cup of tea. Too bad… pioneers have loads of fun and they are remembered for the longest period of time. But all is not lost, you can still be one step ahead of a typical follower by emulating successful leaders.

Study the successful person you adore. Find out how he started out and what measures he took to head towards his success. Identify key goals that was achieved by this person and set your own benchmarks based on this information.

The important thing is to be consistent and accountable! Set your own goals and specific deadlines to achieve them. Do everything in your power to make sure they are achieved. Don’t give excuses to postpone them or dwell in self-pity.

Success only comes to those who want it so bad that it hurts them! If you want to be successful then do not fear to copy from those who already are.

Remember, they already did it… what’s your excuse for not being able to emulate them?

The Fear Of Doing Things Differently

Mom, I'm Flying!

Photo Credit: Dale73

There was a time when humans lived in caves and hunt for food. We don’t do this anymore though. Why? Because some of our ancestors though, “Man, hunting is such a pain! Why can’t we just keep the damn goats nearby instead of hunting them every time we’re hungry?!”

And so came the birth of animal domestication. The rest, they say, is history.

Take a look at the things you’re already doing today. Have you tried doing them differently? No? Why?

You’re afraid. You may not admit it, but fear has gripped you so tight and shook you to the core. You’re fearful of doing things differently because there’s no safety net for you. It might fail! But have you thought that perhaps there’s a different but better way of doing things?

Has fear paralyzed you so severely that you only see negativity? Remember that almost nothing in this world came into existence without going through some sort of failure in the development process. The important thing is to learn from the failure and produce a better way of doing things.

The Fear Of Looking Stupid

Making A Fool Of Yourself Can Be Fun And Educational

Photo Credit: David

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something for the sole reason that you might make a fool of yourself? I’m sure you have. I had too.

I refused to take part in so many performances during my school days because I didn’t want to look stupid. I didn’t even bother trying because I simply assumed that I didn’t have the necessary talents.

Nowadays, I will try anything at least once. As the old saying goes, you won’t know until you give it a try! In fact, I regretted not grabbing the opportunity to do more new things when I was younger. Who knows, I may already have the talents I assumed I didn’t have… it just remained undiscovered!

Do not make the mistake I did. So what if we look stupid doing certain things! Comedians make lots of money making a fool of themselves… and many of them are very successful! Even if we eventually discovered that we are not that good at doing certain things, the process of overcoming the fear to try in the first place is worth every second of going through that experience!

The Fear Of Working With Others

Working Together Can Mutually Benefit Everyone

Photo Credit: sahrizvi

We are often very judgmental when it comes to other people; he is too talkative, she is too slow, they are too stupid. For one finger that you point to another person, the other fingers are pointing back to you. Those other people are not the problem… you are!

What is demonstrated here is the fear of working with others. Somehow, deep inside, every single one of us has some anti-social tendencies whether we want to admit it or not. Nevertheless, look around us… we’re surrounded by other people. Why not make the most out of the situation?

You can choose to isolate yourself and just stay within the confines of your shell or you can go out and meet other people. You might even find some who are interesting and can work together with you on really cool projects. However, you must first overcome your fear of working with other people!

One person can probably make magic; but a group of people can do wonders! You’ll only know your true potential only if you take that first step.

Can you seehow your fears have been holding you back? You could have achieved magnificent goals if only you didn’t listen to that fearful voice in your head.

Remember, it’s not too late… stop being fearful today and achieve all that you want! Isn’t it time you immunize yourself against this killer disease?

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  1. Jeri Says:

    Yes, I agree! Fear has so much to do with FAILURE. So many times I am scared of “trying” something because people might laugh at me if I fail. How stupid… to be a slave of FEAR and pride.

  2. Mr. Nightshade Says:

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    Thank you.

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