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My Latest Project:

Kay Stanford Jr. Kastum, a blogging buddy of mine has inquired on the number of domains I have in my portfolio. I believe that this is something I should do… and I will start right now.

I won’t be listing all my domains in one huge list, but I will showcase one site at a time and today’s featured domain is which is the home of my latest project; The Fastest Slimming Guide.

Maybe I should start with a few quick FAQs:

    • Q: Are you a fitness nut?
    • A: No, I’m not.
    • Q: Are you on a diet right now?
    • A: Not really. Although I consistently thrive to maintain a healthy weight.
    • Q: Why the hell did you register the domain then?
    • A: It’s purely a business move. Slimming/dieting is a growing industry and I want my slice of the pie 🙂
    • Q: How much did you spend on the web site?
    • A: The domain should cost me me US$17.18 yearly (including private registration service), but I got a 10% discount from GoDaddy by using this discount code before checking out: cjcdeal111.
    • Q: How do you plan to make money off this site?
    • A: Affiliate programs; if progress is slow, then I’d probably back it up with some AdSense ads although I want to avoid this if possible.

Slimming or weight loss is such a big industry that everyone from stay-home moms to representatives of Wilmington NC real estate agents are possible clients. The payouts for affiliate programs in this niche are quite high as well.

If you are looking to establish yourself as a writer and can come up with at least one weight loss article weekly, please contact me. I’m willing to pay from around US$15 to US$25 for original unpublished articles in this niche. It should ideally be around 180 to 300 words long.

Sure, the money isn’t that much, but I’ll also throw in a sincere and well-written testimonial should you ever need one for your career development.

Any takers?

3 responses to “My Latest Project:”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    Wow. that’s a pretty decent pay. How I wish I can contribute.

  2. ethel Says:

    Wow.. that “fastest slimming guide” took my attention!! I need help on fastest way to slim down before I head to Marie-France. Hahaha..!

    PS: Wish I could contribute something, but I’m really bad at writing. 🙁

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    papajoneh and ethel,

    You both can actually. Just share your experiences with trying to reduce weight or dieting.

    At least I know one of you are in a dieting process or had at least attempted it. 😉