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Setting Up An Online Shop? Consider Ashop Commerce

I’ve been programming web applications for more than a decade. Over the years, I’ve heard of all sorts of business ideas that need implementation, and one of the most common idea is setting up an online shop.

Sometimes the proposer has an almost perfect business plan except for one major flaw: not evaluating the online shop backend system properly. Most of the time the proposer only know of one or a few online shop system. However, I’ve never seen anyone who ever proposed on going with a hosted shopping cart system like Ashop Commerce.

Going with a hosted e-commerce software has significant benefits compared to rolling out your own solution. One of the most obvious benefit is that the software provider would be the one who’ll be accountable for the server maintenance and upkeep. This is especially useful if you’re not so technically inclined.

While checking out the Ashop Commerce demo, I found the system to be user friendly and reasonably customizable. You’re given the freedom to lay out your online shop and design it with tons of options. Adding products and setting the relevant prices (including shipping rates) is a pretty straightforward process.

My only gripe with the system is that the admin interface requires the use of Internet Explorer. Therefore, you’re obliged to be on a Microsoft platform in order to roll out the system properly. Eventhough a majority of users are on this popular platform, Ashop Commerce could’ve been better designed to accomodate a wider range of browser choices.

However, as a business person, you should spend most of your time and effort on ensuring the quality of your products and support procedures. Hence, by implementing a hosted e-commerce solution like Ashop Commerce you can do exactly that.

The prices are reasonable for such a robust solution. A plus point is that the demos does an excellent job of previewing the core functionalities of Ashop Commerce before you make the leap. So if you’re looking for a suitable, end-to-end shopping cart solution on a Microsoft platform do yourself a favour and give Ashop Commerce a test drive. You might just have a winner in your hands.