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Saving Money With Credit Card Balance Transfers

Do you have multiple credit cards? Do you find managing your credit card bills to be a major pain? You’re not alone. There are others just like you.

Maybe you’ve even considered terminating all your credit cards. But did you follow through? For most people, credit cards are really useful tools. But like all tools, it can be used properly and also misused.

If you’re in the UK, you might want to check out these credit cards from MINT. Mind you, they’re not typical credit cards, but the type that can actually save you quite a lot of money from your other credit cards.

So how can MINT credit cards help you save on your credit card bills? Well for one, they have a promotion where 0% interest is charged on the amount transferred until March 2009. If you take up this offer now, you have more than 13 months to implement a repayment strategy without worrying too much on accumulating interest charges.

In addition to the savings on interest charges, you’ll also save more money because with MINT credit cards you won’t need to worry about paying an annual fee (there isn’t any).

To top it off, MINT credit cards are really slick looking. So why not trade all your other plastics with a credit card from MINT?

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    great tips. I enjoyed reading this