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Cleaning Up My Blogroll

I’ve been accumulating some useful links to some wonderful blogs into that sidebar area called Blogs I Read. Over the years it has grown quite long, so it’s only fitting that I do some housekeeping. I’ve decided that I’ll only leave a handful of links in there.

Of course I have to put them somewhere else! So I’ve created a new page on HTNet called Stalkees. This will not only list the blogs I frequent a lot, it’ll also list the last five posts on each of them!

I’ll be removing the sidebar links come 2008. I just need to clear some space for some other projects I have in mind. Maybe I should write these ideas down before I forget about them… right after I find a nice pen.

Only one response to “Cleaning Up My Blogroll” so far.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    Great idea!
    I think I need to do this too. Make full use the page space and get back the money-making sidebar lot.
    Great.. thanks for this idea 🙂