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Weekly Cool Stuff 3

It’s WCS time again! This week, I have a few web sites to showcase, and I’ll begin with a fun one; the blogger code. Basically, you’ll have to answer a few questions relating to your blogging activities, and the site will generate your very own blogger code. Found someone’s blogger code and need a decoder? Try here. I’ve included mine in the About HTNet page.

Using Windows and feeling left out of the FOSS revolution? Don’t worry! You could familiarise yourself with quality open source software that are available on Windows too! Check out the OSSwin project, and see what open source apps are available for you to choose from. Computing is not just limited to Microsoft stuff.

I simply must link to a web design site in every WCS, this time it’s Mandarin Design. They have interesting articles on styling your web site with (what else) CSS. The write ups on boxes are especially useful, and I plan to implement some of the stuff in my new site theme.

Have you ever wanted to know what more well-knowned individuals have accomplished when they were your age? Well, now you can. I’ve learnt that at age 28:

I’m not really 28 yet… but will be in one month and three days time 🙂

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