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Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

In what’s becoming the most dramatic and gloomiest episode so far in Pakistani politics, renowned politician Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated. Her death was caused by shots fired to her chest and neck by a gunman who later blew himself up. Ms Bhutto’s killing occurred at Rawalpindi.

This was the second attempt on her life within just a few months and tragically, she didn’t manage to evade it. I’m saddened by this event and will be praying for Ms Bhutto, her family and Pakistanis in general.

You can read more about this news on the BBC web site.

3 responses to “Benazir Bhutto Assassinated”.

  1. yhto Says:

    ….muslims label others ‘infidel’….in reality, they cant even govern themselves decently……..if every ‘infidel’ packed up and left for another solar-system, can the muslims rule this planet in peace??? If the answer is yes, then my name is ‘mickey mouse’!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shayon Says:

    It’s a shame that such an incident would’ve occurred. It now seems to be for the better that Bhutto had been out of the country all this while. She’d been so caring for her countrymen, all her life, and this is what she gets in return.

    Just posted a video on her life and a few words too on my blogpage at

    Hope you give it a visit.


  3. Dabido Says:

    It’s very sad for Pakistan.

    One of my friends over there Xarey, narrowly escaped a car bombing the other week [was one in the news]. She was very lucky, as she was unharmed.