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Going Green In 2008: Learn More About Eco Products

Let’s face it, the earth is not doing as well as she did a couple of decades ago. All the uncontrolled development we’ve done is taking its toll on mother nature. Although the politicians are still conducting hundreds of virtually useless talking shops each year, it’s time that we live a greener life. We should really consider swapping our wasteful products to environmentally friendlier eco products like those provided by

So what is are eco products? Basically they’re products that are eco-friendly. They consume less energy, help you save energy and/or use energy more efficiently. When you reduce energy usage you’ll also reduce waste. has hundreds of eco-friendly products in their inventory. From air purifiers to vacuum cleaners, energy efficiency is a key issue that is tackled by products. However, sacrificing performance is definitely not an option, therefore you can expect their products to be on par with similar non-eco friendly items.

Aside from their products, I’m also impressed with’s green corporate culture. They give back to the community via donations to environmental charities such as Oceana and Healthy Child Healthy World, to name a few. In fact, everything from their workplace environment and even product packaging embrace the conserve and optimize concept.

A section of’s web site that I find particularly resourceful is the learning center where there are over a hundred articles relating to environment conservation and efficient resource consumption. It’s a must read for anyone who’s concern about the state of our environment and what we can do to improve the situation.

When it comes to business and the environment, the majority of businesses tend to sacrifice environmental conservation over making huge profits. The products and practices of is a breath of fresh air in both literal and symbolic sense of the term. GreenAndMore should be commended on their holistic approach towards eco-friendliness. I wish them all the best and hope that I might see some of their products in Malaysia very soon.