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Advertlets Goofs Its Domain Renewal

If you visit Malaysian blogs frequently, you’d probably find yourself redirected to a domain called quite often for the past few hours or so. The problems is because Advertlets (I’d link them but continue reading to find out why I won’t), an online advertising company that has its customer base mostly in Malaysia forgot to, wait for this, renew their domain registration! Therefore, all pages that has their ad serving JavaScript will redirect visitors to

I can’t for the life of me imagine that an Internet services company could make such an amateurish (in fact it borders on idiotic) mistake. I know I just posted on how you should manage mistakes made by others. However, if I were an Advertlets client (either publisher or advertiser), I’d be pretty damn pissed as my traffic would now be redirected to some shady domain parking lot.

Now… the above was written based on the presumption that it is a mistake in the first place. CypherHackz has a pretty interesting post on why this could be a premeditated move. It may sound like some crazy conspiracy theory, but nevertheless it’s an interesting read.

4 responses to “Advertlets Goofs Its Domain Renewal”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    I thought mine hacked or what. Haha. Panic especially I have to go offline when the things still unsolved. Pheww, everything back to normal now. Yes, Advertlets got problem! So kesian.

  2. esther Says:

    Advertlets no money pay bill?

    I wonder how would Josh Lim handle the damage control now…

  3. Kay Kastum Says:

    Or simply maybe someone did not do their job. But conspiracy theory is really interesting. You’ll never know..

  4. Zul Says:

    I think the linkbacks are the by-products of their own mistake. I’ll be surprised if they did it on purpose, as it will throw away their reputation in the long run.