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Is There Such A Thing As An Overnight Success?

Let’s face it, we’re undeniably addicted to mass media. Whether it’s newspapers, TV or even blogs; we just love consuming sensational pieces. We read with envy about the kid who made sweet AdSense income through a blindingly motley coloured MySpace template site. We watch a rookie score the winning goal in his first team debut. We hear a radio interview with a retiree who made a million dollars selling Wilmington real estate.

And then most of us go, “Ooohhh, how lucky!” The fact of the matter is, luck has little to do with the success of these people. Sure, some may have inadvertently stumbled onto their profitable niche; but when you take a good look around you, there are people who are successful in every niche imaginable!

So, if anyone can be successful, why aren’t they? How come that these people seemingly came out of nowhere and achieve overnight success? Well, according to Jonathan Fields, these people have a dirty little secret!

The crux of the matter is that not a single one of these overnight successes really happened overnight. For a profitable period that they’re enjoying, they’ve probably spent more than 10 times that length of time developing themselves and faced countless failures in the process.

Jonathan analysed the success of three people who achieved so-called overnight success, and concluded that their success is owed to two Cs; commitment and chance (ie. taking it without hesitation).

Personally, I agree with his findings. What about you?

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  1. Daytona Beach vacation rentals Says:

    I also agree alot of time goes into a rewarding sale and becoming successful is what you do with that money once you get it toys or reinvest.

    Unlike the lottery you can play it for years and never win and win next week. It’s usually spent in a few months and your no more successful then you were.