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Do You Allow Trackbacks On Your Blog?

I’ve just returned from my almost week-long holidays and found that HTNet has been hit with quite a handful of Trackback spams. The scenario would be much worse if it hadn’t been for Spam Karma 2’s decent effort on reducing the onslaught.

However, it’s been bad enough that I’m seriously considering disabling Trackbacks on HTNet. Before I do anything though, I would like to seek the opinions of other bloggers on this issue.

So do you allow Trackbacks on your blog?

3 responses to “Do You Allow Trackbacks On Your Blog?”.

  1. ethel Says:

    Oh dear, aren’t those called Splogs? (I heard the term from somewhere.. heehee)

    No, I don’t allow them because I didn’t like them. :mrgreen:

  2. Kay Kastum Says:

    I never checked. But I know there is a plugin that allows you to control say only after certain number of comments then track back is allowed.

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Sister and Brother,

    I think I’ve manage to tuned my SK2 trackback spam plugin to be a little bit more effective and reduced the spams quite a bit.

    I also found that the WP settings to turn off trackbacks would (probably) also turn off pingbacks. So I guess I would have to look for a more feasible way to control trackback spams on HTNet.