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Back Home Early, Thanks To An Earthquake

As I was cracking my head with yet another Crystal Reports formula, a colleague from the neighbouring department stormed into my office. She’s shouting something about earthquakes and evacuation.

At first I hesitated because I have a feeling that I was this close to making the formula work perfectly (adding the fact that I didn’t even feel the tremour). It’s not something that required Resveratrol supplements or whatnot. But not long after that I saw the rest of my colleagues storm to the exit. OK, that’s good enough reason for me to split.

Just outside the building, I saw the GM of Corporate Affairs (who’s the big boss of HR as well) and she told me, just go back home. So here I am, typing this from home.

Anyway, more information of the earthquake can be read here. Want to know when the earthquake happened in your time zone? Go to here.

4 responses to “Back Home Early, Thanks To An Earthquake”.

  1. ethel Says:

    It’s either we folks in KL were spared from the earthquake, or I was just too numb to feel anything that moves! *sniff*

    All thanks to my flu… 🙁

  2. papajoneh Says:

    Gd morning Meen.
    I heard this earthquake thing in the TV3. I hope no one injured. Thank goodness you at home typing this. Won’t be nice to hear you typing from the street, complete mobile. 😉

  3. Zul Says:

    I have my own share of experience with tremor that hits few years ago (remember tsunami). I was brushing my teeth when suddenly this feeling of dizzy hit me, the doors were cracking and before I knew it people were dashing out from the 17th floor apartment.

    Yeah, maybe it’s a sign for you to get the Nokia E95! Blog on the go.

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