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How To Start And End A Positive Working Day

Keeping oneself motivated throughout a working day can be quite a challenge. There are deadlines approaching, meetings to attend and resources to manage. So what would be the best way to handle a tough working day?

For me, I prefer to do the hard and boring things first thing in the morning. Sure, it doesn’t help establish a good early morning working mood. However as the day progresses, I will do the more interesting and enjoyable tasks.

My reason for sticking with this method is simple, I simply want to be in the most positive mood when I log off from work. This is probably the most important time in my working day.

Why? Because this is the time that I go back home and get together with my family. I don’t want to give them a grouchy first impression just because I had a hard time at work. By doing the tasks I enjoy most at the end of the day, I’m less likely to be in a bad mood.

Starting a working day doing the more challenging tasks also has its benefits. You are most fresh and raring to go within the first three hours of work. Your mind is clearer and thus more able to multi-task.

However, if you feel demotivated throughout the whole working day; it’s probably time for you to seriously consider going on a royal caribbean cruise trip.

What about you? How do you tackle your working day? I’m all ears for new tips!

4 responses to “How To Start And End A Positive Working Day”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    Alamak… same style lah. At the end of the day, Im ready to do more work and positive. Early in the morning, so slow to warm up. Need like 2-3 mug of nescafe to go through just half the day. Hahaha.

    BTW, the Caribbean cruise will indeed a good idea to release all tension. Lets go family together! 😀

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    You know what they say, great minds think (or in this case, work) alike 😛

    A Carribean cruise wouldn’t be bad… I just need to make sure they don’t have Internet connection to enjoy it properly. Hahahah!

  3. ethel Says:

    Oh yes, you should always, ALWAYS do the hardest and boring part first before the easy-peasy ones! 😀 Sometimes, I got carried away, I’ll cry a bit, whine to myself while doing those stuff. (lol, just kidding!)

    PS: If you’re heading for a cruise, jangan lupa belikan ole-ole ya? :mrgreen:

  4. Custom Cabinets Los Angeles Says:

    I have to say I disagree. Half of my job allows me to wake up at my leisure, the other forces me to rise very early be active and busy until late in the night with very little sleep in between. The former I prefer to arise to some video games to get my brain up to speed before I address my duties from the office: ie, boxershorts and morning hair. Then travel throughout the day and do my computer work after business hours til late. I usually always end my day with a few pages of comics or whichever novel I’m on. The latter really only allows my day to consist of active labour for fourteen to eighteen hours straight with a half hour lunch break at the first six hour mark. This is always achieved through choclate power bars, az green tea and sugar free red-bull. This part goes on for consecutively for 21-40 days . Before heading to bed I have to finish the day with a stiff drink or two and whatever I’m reading, its i quick unwind for the high stress world of my job. I recommend it to anyone. It is however interesting to see how the other world live. While I state my routine, I am merely disagreeing with other responses for my scenario. I am not looking to flame or look down on anyone’s routine.

    Cruise-wise, I hear Belize is nice this time of year.