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Are You A Hardcore Home Entertainment Buff?

I was looking for ideas on how to convert the smallest room in my apartment into a home-office unit. As usual, my mind concentrated fully on work, work work. Suddenly, it occurred to me that my computer system also serves as my entertainment centre.

As I begin to wonder more on the concept, I thought that surely there’s a supplier for everything. Not long afterwards, I stumbled upon Stargate Cinema… you might think that they own a chain of cinemas somewhere; however contrary to what their name implies, they actually deal in home theater furniture!

OK, I think I got way too distracted with the products they have in store. I think I better return to my initial plan to get ideas on how to implement the ideal home-office. But I’m sure a lot of home entertainment buffs would be drooling at the products being offered by Stargate Cinema.

6 responses to “Are You A Hardcore Home Entertainment Buff?”.

  1. Dabido Says:

    Yeah, the home theatre rooms are almost compulsory on any new home being built in Aussie now. They all have those nice HUGE theatre chairs and stuff. Most furniture stores sell them too. When we went looking for a new lounge suite a year and a bit ago we were considering them, but my mother didn’t like the idea as most of them join together and have food and drink areas next to them. lol So she couldn’t walk between the chairs [as opposed to what we have now … tables placed between them to hold the food and drink so she can’t walk between them anyway!] 🙂

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    That was another thing I considered. The chairs look humongous! If I were to actually buy one, it could have easily taken up roughly 20% of the room.

  3. papajoneh Says:

    Hahahaa. I like what Dabido said. I wish I have my own home theatre room. I have the space and size but no spare money to buy it. Hahaha. So pathetic of me.

  4. Kay Kastum Says:

    Mine is an office/studio/place to iron clothes. I really have to decide.

  5. ethel Says:

    YES! I like loud rooms with loud speakers, big screen tv and all. The bigger watt the speakers are, the better. *hee*

    (This is what you become when your bf buys you those stuff…)

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