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My PHP Cache System Hunt

I’ve been hunting for a nice PHP caching system to be implemented on my server. I’ve looked at APC and eAccelerator. Both looks like a mature and feasible caching system for PHP. I then compiled and installed them (one at a time of course) on the server and I was very surprised by the results!

If you thought that I’m amazed by the improved performance of these caching systems I’m sorry to disappoint you. The reason for my surprise was that regardless of what I tried, I just couldn’t get them to work!

To save others in similar situation, let me explain why it didn’t work; I’m using suPHP on my server and both PHP caching systems just wouldn’t work with this setup… period!

I’m not going to sacrifice suPHP because I love the way it works. suPHP executes PHP scripts with the permissions of their owners. One major benefit of suPHP is that changing permissions on files or directories to allow for the web service process to write to them becomes obsolete. As an administrator, it also allows me to identify the origins of rogue web processes easily.

The experience was like being a drug addict jumping from one alcohol rehab center to another expecting to cure an unrelated symptom. Hope that this post could help out others facing a similar situation. I take all the blame though for not reading the documentations properly.

2 responses to “My PHP Cache System Hunt”.

  1. matt Says:

    So did you ever find a solution? Does that mean we cannot have security AND speed?
    I dicked around for 3 hours with xcache until i figured the suPHP issue myself. Bummed me out.

  2. Klaus Says:

    Found this one that works if you include the 2 files in your scripts.