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Overseas Publishers Can’t Have Google AdSense Stickers?

The good folks at AdSense have printed out a batch of pretty looking Google AdSense stickers and would like to send some to anyone who requests. They claim that the stickers will be sent to anyone in the world.

However, I find this section a little puzzling:

So how do you get one of these glue-backed masterpieces? Easy: send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope with enough postage to return 1 oz of sticker goodness to you from our office in California via standard U.S. mail. (Sorry, we can’t help you calculate the postage to your location).

OK… now where the heck could I get US stamps (in Malaysia) to paste on my self-addressed envelope?

3 responses to “Overseas Publishers Can’t Have Google AdSense Stickers?”.

  1. Rice Blogger Says:

    cool……damn…i was thinking to get them…the stamp is an issue for overseas…maybe they should include them in adsense checks…then I will switch back to checks for 1 month to get this.

  2. cindy Says:

    How are we gonna get them?? Their post office wouldn’t wanna use our stamps! 🙁

  3. Kay Kastum Says:

    Alamak. that’s already a clear message that “this is only for US residents”