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Why You Should Be A Shareasale Affiliate

Anyone with an interest for making money online would probably have heard of affiliate marketing. The most popular affiliate marketing programs commonly use the PPC model. PPC programs, as its name implies, pay publishers for every click that sends a visitor to an advertiser’s web page. The most popular PPC program would be Google AdSense.

However, there are affiliate programs beyond PPC including; Pay Per Lead (you get paid when you introduce a new customer to an advertiser), Pay Per Sale (you get paid a percentage for a purchase done by your referral) and Pay Per Action (you get paid when your referral performs a specific action; eg. filling out and submitting a form). Believe it or not, these programs typically pay much more than PPC!

I’m a late adopter to affiliate marketing especially for non-PPC programs. I’ll be honest, I wish I started earlier! I only started joining Pay Per Sale programs last year with a very popular affiliate marketing company. Truth be told, I’m very disappointed with the results.

Rather than dwell on the failure of my first affiliate outing, I tried to find other affiliate marketing companies that although smaller, could possibly be a goldmine for me. It was then that I found Shareasale (yes, that’s an affiliate link; share some love and you’ll get it back in thousand folds).

The thing I love about Shareasale is that it offers darn useful tools for publishers. When most affiliate programs are still stuck in the land of text links and banners, Shareasale goes beyond that and may I say way beyond!

How long would you take creating a page showcasing your chosen affiliate products? A day? A couple of hours? What if I told you with Shareasale’s Make A Page tool, you’ll be up and running within minutes!

For those who are more web savvy, there are merchants that offer data feeds of their products (in CSV file format). With a little bit of programming, you could come out with your own customized online shop within a couple of days or even hours. For example, I cooked up this Affordable Online Jewelry shop within 3 days including the basic site design. Nifty, eh?

Before you more savvy web designers laugh at my design, let me just say that even with that non-fancy design, I’m about $15 short of potentially getting my first Shareasale cheque just from that site; and I only launched it last January.

Think you can do better? Prove it! Sign up with Shareasale and show me your own online shop 🙂

2 responses to “Why You Should Be A Shareasale Affiliate”.

  1. Neo Says:

    Wow, nice idea to setup some quick stores and get aff sales. 🙂

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    That’s the idea 🙂

    Don’t forget to share the links to your shops when you’re done!