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Spyware & Viruses Changing Consumers’ Online Habits

Finally, after years of getting infected with spyware and viruses, consumers’ online behaviour are beginning to change. People are more cautious when it comes to opening email attachments, their choice of internet browser as well as avoiding downloads from P2P networks. From the article:

Even though legitimate marketers often use adware, consumers still don’t like it, Fox said.

“They don’t want to be followed around,” she said. “Consumers are increasingly skeptical about tracking, and about downloading extra programs, such as adware, that go along with free software that people enjoy.”

Free software? If it doesn’t cost money, but inhibits your privacy rights, is it really free? And don’t tell me that adware is the only way to generate profit, because if your app has to be “money free” but supported by ads, it might not be in the “value for money” category now, isn’t it?

Want really free software? try here. Has anyone found spyware for non-Windows OSs? Could you give me a link please?

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  1. Stiennon Says:

    I love your comments on Free Software. You are right to point out that the open source community of free software is what fuels the Internet, not the so-called free screen savers and emoticons you get bundled with adware!