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HTNet Now Runs WordPress 2.5

First thing’s first; it works! The next most important thing; it was a very painless process. The steps are pretty easy especially if you’ve upgraded WP before. Essentially the steps are as follows:

  1. Disable all installed plugins
  2. Grab the latest WordPress build; extract the contents; replace the older files on your server (or you can do this painlessly via SSH)
  3. Run the upgrade script (usually at http://yourwebsite/wp-admin/upgrade.php) and wait for a couple of seconds or minutes; depending on the size of your current database
  4. Login to the wp-admin page and reactivate your plugins one by one; make sure you open another tab to preview your blog while doing this, just to see if there are any complications
  5. If everything goes well, it’s time to celebrate!

Please note that there’s a new configuration called SECRET_KEY in WP 2.5’s wp-config.php file. Just set it to some random string as shown below:

define('SECRET_KEY', 'lkjdfhU(H*H8h9uHF8U767f65df56t&^t^&th(jhYT6FYHBUIy*b*u3R'); // Change this to a unique phrase.

The secret key should include upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. After that you need to re-login to the admin panel.