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Sold For 450 Euros

I didn’t expect to reveal this information less than 24 hours after my last post… but my PayPal cash register just rang… Kaching!

I managed to sell for €450 through Sedo. Sedo charges €50 for securing a buyer for my domain, but I believe that getting €400 is more than a fair price to get from a domain that I was under-utilizing anyway. Sold!

I really hope that the new owner(s) of will give it more tender loving care than I did for the past year. It has good online income potential, and I’ve had decent AdSense EPC for content that I had running there.

I think I’m lucky to also have the transaction happen when there’s a decent Euro to USD exchange rate. I asked Sedo to send the money to me via PayPal and in USD. Just over an hour ago, I saw that my PayPal account increased by $623.

Money In PayPal!

That’s almost RM2000. Perhaps it’s time for me to grab a DSLR camera. Any recommendations?

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