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Investing In Another Domain

After my successful sale of I’m very inspired to buy more domains with aftermarket potential. I’m sure those who’ve tried to find good unregistered .com domains for your online projects would sooner or later conclude that all the good names are taken. Although I generally agree with this conclusion, there are times when you do get lucky and actually found an unregistered name with decent potential.

My company has just shifted office premises. Being in the MIS department, there are bound to be some hiccups in doing system migration. One of the more interesting issues relate to our PABX system. It took some time to reprogram the thing and make it working.

Inspired by that particular event, I checked the availability of since quite a number of people (including vendors) use that word (or is it a phrase?) to refer to PABX. Unfortunately it’s already taken. Eventually, I found that was available! Yeah, I used was because I’m sure that by now you’d realize that I registered it 🙂

The AdWords Keyword Tool also shows a healthy CPC for the keywords key phone system. I am confident that I can make a decent income from this domain.

Right now, I’m just parking the domain with Sedo. I don’t expect to make anything from the ads there, but at least I’ll get some useful visitor statistics.

Now that the registration process is sorted, it’s time for me to gather related data to make the domain more useful for netizens.

2 responses to “Investing In Another Domain”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    hey.. thats not a bad domain name. I am sure someone will buy it Like what previous post. Thats’ really profitable. In Euro some more. Hmmm.. good idea. I wanna hunt good domain now. thanks.

  2. Kay Kastum Says:

    Good stuff Mr Admin. I like!