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Technology Is Never As Important As The People Using It

What I love about handling systems is that everything is clear cut. Sorting out anomalies may be troublesome, sometimes even bordering on impossible; but given enough time and effort it will be sorted out. Regardless if you’re handling hardware, software, networks or a hybrid combination systems can be sorted out and made to play well with each other.

People on the other hand, are a totally different game. There’s no human being alive that can be categorized as predictable. Sometimes what seems like normal behaviour is really a front to a totally different motive.

If you think that being in IT is a license to avoid dealing with unpredictable people, you’d be very disappointed. People are in fact a key component in any system. Systems are designed by people for people, more often than not the users are more important than the engineers. It’s always a question of dollars and cents anyway, engineers do the job but users feed the engineers.

If you look around, you can see that the most profitable systems are those built around people. In other words, they not only accommodate people but empower them. From the likes of Facebook to Second Life to even Ubuntu Linux, if your system empowers people (to network, socialize and get things done for example) it’s going to be successful.

Even if you work on a small portion of a complex system, you still can’t take out the human aspect of your work. Other than users, you’ll need to deal with vendors, colleagues and management.

I’m writing this because I have encountered a lot of people in the IT line who obviously hates to deal with anything other than their project; especially fellow homo sapiens. Heck, I may have been in the same category too, or to some extent I still probably am.

However, I do realize that no man is an island. Like it or not, we have to interact to survive. I don’t think that there’s any job in the world where you don’t need to deal with people. Anyone can prove me wrong?