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Mobile Video as a Journalism Tool

Some of the more shocking and vivid London Bombing videos seen on the news around the world are captured from mobile phones. The BBC is showcasing a few right here. Here’s an interesting quote from the linked article:

The use of mobile reporting in mainstream news is a sign of the changing relationship between journalists and non-journalists, and is proving a powerful way to report events before TV cameras arrive.

It has been called “open source news” or citizen journalism and was well-used during last year’s US election campaign.

Open source news? Heh, I get people just have to stick IT buzzwords on things which are not even related. I think I like the citizen journalism phrase better, although come to think of it, journalists are citizens too, right?

By the way, speaking of mobies, I am seriously considering getting a newer one. Right now, I’m thinking of getting either a Nokia 6680 or the S600i from Sony-Ericsson. Which would you suggest and why?