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HTNet Photoblog Resumes: Danga Bay Revisited

Ten days ago, I purchased a Sony α 200 (aka Sony A200) during my trip to KL. I finally settled on this particular model as my first DSLR because I find the balance of newbie-friendly controls, wealth of functions, superb image quality and value for money to be irresistible!

I remembered that my first Photoblog entry was back in May 2005 and the pictures were from Danga Bay. What better way to commemorate my first outing with the A200 by revisiting Danga Bay again.

Sunset at Danga Bay - Redux

Sunset at Danga Bay

Sunset at Danga Bay - Redux (2)

Sunset at Danga Bay (2)

Roof of (ex-)Danga Bay Food Court

This is the roof of what’s going to be the former Danga Bay food court

Docking Boat at Danga Bay

The boat is actually a floating restaurant. I’m not sure about the price (RM70 – according to a friend), but a typical sail while you eat session lasts for two hours

You can view or download the full sized images from my Danga Bay Flickr photoset. Images in this photoset are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

3 responses to “HTNet Photoblog Resumes: Danga Bay Revisited”.

  1. emily brown Says:

    Great pics!Good cam.I’m a photo addict myself and the dmc lumix lx2 panasonic is my dream camera.It’s Panasonic’s latest superzoom camera.You can see the full product review at:

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi Emily,

    Thanks for the encouragement. Actually my first two digital cameras are all Panasonic Lumixes.

    Great image quality at an affordable price. However, I find the battery life to be very poor.

  3. Kay Kastum Says:

    Not really a popular choice but I also have the same thought. Panasonic Lumix… I’ll check her out soon.