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Cut Off From Half The Internet

It’s been a really irritating 24 hours for me when it comes to getting online. I can’t access more than half of the sites I frequently visit. What’s worse is that I can use none of Google’s services which include Gmail, Docs, Reader, AdSense and AdWords.

This is absolutely killing me. Thank you TM Stinkyx!

UPDATE @ 10:35am GMT+8: Well wonders never cease! Everything back to normal.

5 responses to “Cut Off From Half The Internet”.

  1. kucau Says:

    try to connect and disconnect till u get a new IP addr. These ip addresses have problems with google services 60.53.*.* and 60.48.*.* . i lodged a report 2 months ago regarding this issue but still not fix!

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    It’s not that. I have no probs with those IP ranges at all in the past. Now I can’t log on to Google services at all even with those 124.* ip ranges and also the static IP used at work. I believe this is a routing issue.

  3. kucau Says:

    heheh. i think the network engineer should go back to school . thehhee

  4. papajoneh Says:

    I thought u never have this kind of problem. Well, coming from our local “stinkyz” considered normal already that. You considered lucky not that long. 🙂

  5. Kay Kastum Says:

    I already cut off my Astro account. If I don’t have internet at home, I’ll do whatever even if I have to go all the way to some StarBucks or CoffeeBean cafe.