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Shooting In RAW: Flowers And Bugs

Since I’ve gotten my Sony α200 (aka Alpha 200 or A200) DSLR, I’ve only shot photos in JPEG format. A few days ago I read up a bit on RAW Image Format and I promised myself to shoot in this format on my next outing.

Coincidentally, I had also won a bid on a Sigma 28-70mm Lens through eBay. This is the first item I bought on eBay and the whole experience was a pleasant one.

Additionally, I’ve been reading my camera manual more thoroughly. I’ve especially focused on the manual setting documentation. I was looking forward to customizing exposure and arperture settings when taking photos. Previously I mostly rely on the auto and preset modes.

I spent about half of yesterday trying to apply what I’ve learnt while giving my Sigma lens some workout. Check out the pictures I’ve taken and please feel free to comment on them.

Caterpillar Hiding Behind Flowers

Caterpillar Hiding Behind Flowers

I initially wanted to take a picture of the flowers. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that there’s a caterpillar perched on a leaf just behind the flower. This picture is from my grandma’s garden in Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru.

Droplets On Pink Flowers

Droplets On Pink Flowers

This shot was taken earlier in the day at my parents’ garden in Taman Nong Chik, Johor Bahru. The rain had just stopped and somehow these flowers looked very pretty with the water droplets still on them.

Droplets On Leaves

Droplets On Leaves

Also from my parents’ garden. The droplets on the leaves somehow gave me a refreshing feeling. Simply had to snap a picture of it.

Droplets On A Hibiscus

Droplets On A Hibiscus

A snapshot of a hibiscus from my parents’ garden. This picture is uploaded “as is” without any cropping or post production work done on it.

Bee On A Flower

Bee On A Flower

While I was snapping pictures on flowers and plants at my parents’ garden, I noticed this little critter hovering near some small flowers. I can’t miss out on this photo opportunity!

Thanks for taking the time to view the photos showcased above. If you’d like to see more from this collection, please check out my Flickr photostream.

11 responses to “Shooting In RAW: Flowers And Bugs”.

  1. max Says:

    great shots you got there.
    try out the S and P modes if you had it on the alpha, pretty much depends on what you want to shoot, it’s faster than doing it all manual.
    RAW is really powerful unless you’re shooting quite a big number of shots it might become tedious, and if you had Adobe Lightroom that’s another thing

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi max, thanks for your comments 🙂

    Honestly I’m still very green when it comes to photography. I’ve only recently purchased by A200 and thought that I might as well try out all the controls available on the dial.

    Yes, the Alpha has S and P modes (I think it’s a standard for DSLRs), but I really wanted to cut my teeth on the Manual mode.

    As for shooting in RAW, it was just something I had to try after reading about the format. I’m very happy that I actually did it!

    Again, thank you max for taking the time to comment and drop me some advice. I really appreciate it 🙂

  3. papajoneh Says:

    i love the 2nd shot.. the water droplets and the pink color.. just awesome.

    last shot need good camera as yours. Won’t get this with mine, point and shoot! LOL.

    More pictures please.. and with explanation.

  4. KG Says:

    The bee on a flower shot encompasses everything. I love how the elements fit together. Complicated shot, though.

  5. papajoneh Says:

    Doing my spamming round here. Just wanna make sure my feedreader not acting again 😛

  6. tyler Says:

    Nice shots Azmeen! I’m in a similar boat you are, I just bought a Digital Rebel XT and need to learn a lot more about the manual settings. I need to start reading the manual more thoroughly.

  7. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    papajoneh: Thanks. Actually you can get results similar to the bee picture with a PnS camera. You just need to get much closer, and much luckier (1- bee won’t fly away and 2- you won’t get stung).

    KG: Thanks. Unfortunately the bee wouldn’t go on to some of the more scenic flowers 🙁

    tyler: Thanks Tyler! Haven’t seen you around for quite some time. The Digital Rebel XT is a great DSLR… just way over my budget though. Playing with the manual setting is a good way to have hands-on learning on aperture and exposure.

    I got more pictures to upload… perhaps it’s time for me to go Pro on Flickr.

  8. Kay Kastum Says:

    Your photo composition is good man. HTNet got talent!

  9. Adam Parker Says:

    So how did you like shooting in RAW? I hope you had a good experience because shooting RAW offers so much flexibility. The end results look fine, I think shot number 2, the pink flowers, is my favorite.

    For readers that aren’t convinced to shoot RAW, read this and then start getting the most out of your pictures.

    Thanks again for sharing and keep shooting RAW.

  10. Flower Says:

    I like the 4th one! Bright color red and the flower looks very real like I can touch it.

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