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Weekly Cool Stuff 4

This week’s WCS will showcase some Mozilla Firefox extensions and themes that I use and recommend. Some of my favourite extensions are:

    • StumbleUpon Toolbar
    • A toolbar that lets you channel-surf. I can assure you that you will discover some very interesting web sites using this toolbar.
    • CustomizeGoogle
    • Get Google Images to link directly to images, use Google Suggest when searching and adding links to external search engines are among the goodies you can get using this extension.
    • Web Developer
    • A useful toolbar for web developers. Lots of things to dis/enable, form manipulation, tools to manipulate page layout and styles, and shortcuts to useful validation tools.
    • WellRounded
    • An extension that makes the address and search fields well rounded. A really cool eyecandy extension.
    • ColorZilla
    • Advanced eyedropper, colour picker, page zoomer and other colour manipulation goodies. A must have for web designers/programmers/enthusiasts.
    • Netcraft Toolbar
    • Detect and report potential phishing sites as well as getting access to lots of useful information for any web site.

As for themes, these are the ones that I use most frequently:

    • Qute
    • A nicely drawn theme set. A classic favourite of mine.
    • Whitehart
    • A simple and beautiful minimalist theme. My current favourite

What about you? Share with us your favourite Firefox extensions and themes by commenting. I’m looking forward to your feedback.