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Confirmed: Johor Has an Idiot as MB

It pains me to have to write this post because I know that many people will see it as a political posting. So let me set the record straight, this post is not about politics, it’s about Johor. Johor is my state, I was born here, I live here, and most probably, I will die here. I am very proud of my state, and would defend it with my life. Clear? Yes? Good. Now we can proceed.

While browsing through PPS last night, I saw this post by Tony P. Go ahead, read the post… it is really that damn good! In fact, it’s one of the more insightful posts I’ve read regarding meritocratic education policies, for which I am a staunch supporter.

Therefore, it pains me to hear that my Menteri Besar still thinks that Malays are discriminated in a meritocratic education system. Let me just say this to you Datuk, “You are a fscking idiot”. Stop thinking that Malays are stupid and uncompetitive just because you are. Heck, if I were you I would resign immediately as MB so that another individual with a sound state of mind and very passionate about Johor can step up to the plate. You have held this position for far too long and to be brutally honest, you have contributed jack shit to Johor.

Education is not the only area where Ghani has a warped sense of logic, check out his arguments on money politics as well. This guy simply defies logic… and personally, I think Johoreans have tolerated him for far too long.

4 responses to “Confirmed: Johor Has an Idiot as MB”.

  1. suanie Says:

    He’s been MB for so f* long already… you are supposed to be better with experience.

    Gosh… we have the ‘funniest’ Malaysian royalty and now our MB is exposed as one of the more ignorant MBs. Can fight with Khir T.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    I’m in management. If there’s one overrated keyword in management, that will be “experience”. Experience is worth jack if it is not going to be implemented in endeavours. To me, this is what’s severely lacking in how this state, and probably Malaysia, is ran.

    What worries me is the “learning” bit. Do people like the good MB actually learned anything during his tenure? Are his eyes glued shut that he couldn’t see what the people want or need prioritising on? I’m actually quite pleased that he brought up the issue of education. To me, this is a very relevant issue in Johor and Malaysia in general.

    It’s not that our universities are not churning graduates. They are. In fact, if there’s one thing our universities are good at, it’s producing graduates. However, what disturbs me a lot is the quality of graduates we have. I have to deal with this on a daily basis. I interview lots of them for vacancies in my company. And every day, I have to reject a huge majority of them. Not because they don’t have proper paper credentials. But because their attitude sucks.

    Many of them think that their degrees are licenses to a “good job”. That they have learned all there is to be learnt in life and business. They feel that they have “served time” during their studies. The fact is, what they’ve learned in university would be near irrelevant by the time they graduated. To make things worse, these graduates are not even passionate about their studies. They studied their disciplines just because that is what they were offered. To me this is very sad.

    Having politicians saying irrelevant things such as meritocratic education system cripples a certain race to me is just plain idiotic and shows an extreme dependence on a “crutch mentality”. Things definitely need to change. And as proven by time tested management experience, a thorough and positive change can only be implemented from “top to bottom”, hence, I stick to my opinion that the Johor leadership needs to be overhauled and get their priorities in order.

  3. jb Says:

    You are totally right!
    Have u ever heard abt the “wag the dog” theory?

    Ghani has lost his popularity & credibility and wanted to do something to deviate ppl attention. Anybody heard about his scandal with the se* exco member?

    Hmmmm … now you are getting somewhere … Pity Johorean like me .. having such an ******* as the MB!

  4. Hishamzin Says:

    Hey…hey buddies.
    today is 16th Jan 2007.
    Johor is flooded….this is a real demonstration on how those fuckers lead those poor people effected.It’s soo fucking slow and inefficient.
    Those MB’s are playing golf and drinking beer’s.
    Thank to vote BN.