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Parkinson’s Drug Is Now The New Root Of All Evil

This is unbelievable, I’ve heard lots of things being blamed on drugs, but surely this one will take the cake. Here’s an excerpt from the Telegraph News article:

One patient lost £110,000 in six months after being put on the treatment. The 11 affected patients in the study were all receiving dopamine agonist drugs such as pramipexole and ropinirole, used to control movement problems caused by Parkinson’s disease.

Six of them developed other problems along with the gambling, including compulsive eating, increased alcohol consumption, increased spending and “hypersexuality”. This involved increased interest in pornography, extramarital affairs “or increased sex drive bothersome to the spouse”.

Let’s see… that’s gluttony, lust and greed. Not bad, just one drug can give you a SDSCR of 3:7… and this thing is supposed to treat Parkinson’s Disease *shiver* 😛

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  1. Edrei Says:

    But that’s what would happen anyway. You get a surge in dopamine which gets you out of that catatotic state and in this case…causes a 180.