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Last Few Days As An Employee

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The past few days has been weird to say the least. I’m spending my last few days at the company and due to our ridiculously red taped policies, I have to get every HOD to sign what they call an exit clearance form.

What’s so bad about the clearance form? Well, I don’t use or have in my possession 95% of the things listed on it. In fact, it’s like collecting autographs from buddies you met in some event.

Ah well, I just have to bear with it. It’s part and parcel of the job and organisation anyway. Thankfully, it’s just a once-off process.

Nevertheless, I know I made the right decision to leave. Why? I just don’t feel a tinge of sadness nor regret. In fact, I have a feeling of deja vu. It’s like this whole process was meant to be and I’m the one who will be coming up tops in this process.

It just reassures me that everything will be OK. No, I’m very sure things will turn out super for me.

Monday will be the last day for me to be an Analyst Programmer at the company and I’m counting the hours to 5:45pm, 11 August 2008. My first year here was an enjoyable one. Just as I’m hired for my expertise, I too gained a tremendous amount of knowledge being in the company.

I got to implement over 20-odd projects, and more than half of them became full-fledged matured systems that is being used until now (and I hope for years after I left). I also got to know many, many interesting people.

I guess it’s in my nature to hold on to the past and try to envision a more positive future. Perhaps that’s why I stayed on with my current employers even when it’s almost certain that I have done all I can here. Well, this time it’s for sure. I’m leaving not to work for another company, but to strike it out on my own (with a bunch of talented partners, of course).

The good thing is that the weird feeling will be gone soon. Even better is the fact that I have the weekend as a “buffer zone” between this week and my last working day.

Here’s looking to a brighter future. Cheers!

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  1. Zul Says:

    I think the hardest part is convincing ourselves that we’re making the right decision, and often, we end up losing with our own argument. The excitement begins once we put our feet on the path we’re aiming.