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Of Inverted Flags And Net Censorship

I haven’t posted anything for over two weeks now. Traditionally, I usually post something about Merdeka or Awal Ramadhan, but this year I skipped writing about them.

Out of the two, I feel particular disconnected from writing about Merdeka. On one side of the fence, there are calls from some bloggers for the Malaysian flag to be hung upside down as a sign that our nation is in distress. What a crock of shit!

Personally, I’m absolutely confident that the state of the nation now is much better than when we were under the previous administration of Dr. You-know-who. Yes, the opposition is stronger, but this simply means that our democracy is becoming more mature. I’m also a firm believer that competition will lead to greater efficiency for the competing parties. May the best person win!

The economy is not particularly good at the moment, but hey it’s the same story throughout the whole world… and it sure beats having to deal with something with the size of the subprime mortgage crisis. It’ll probably go through a tougher period, but more importantly, it will eventually pass. That’s the nature of economic cycles. There will always be ups and downs.

Now back to the upside down flag issue. I have to side with our Prime Minister on this… this act is definitely in the kurang ajar (extremely rude) category. None of your children are starving and I’m sure they have a decent roof over their heads. It’s not like our situation is comparable to Zimbabwe.

Nevertheless, I’m equally disappointed with Malaysian politicians. If they don’t value the occasion of our nation’s independence, then how could they aspect the average citizen to do the same? It seems that they are more concerned with the events unfolding at a small town called Permatang Pauh than the birthday of our nation. I’m equally peeved with politicians from both the ruling coalition and the opposition in this issue.

I’m also pissed that the Malaysian government has continually raped the MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees by failing to uphold the no Internet censorship guarantee. This particular guarantee was what separated us from the likes of Singapore and China. Sure, they may have better infrastructure… but until recently, we always had the transparency advantage.

The signs first came when the MCMC blocked content from HYIP scam sites. At that time politicians from both sides of the fence hail it as a good move to stop more Malaysians from losing money to these scams. I know that once we tread on this path, this is merely the beginning of the end for uncensored Internet access in Malaysia.

I’m sure that the publicity seeking people behind PKR aren’t that happy now, because Malaysia Today is now included in the list of “websites deemed dangerous for the Malaysian public”. But this is all pointless anyway! It’s just as easy to bypass such stupid forms of censorship. The Malaysia Today folks have already done it and the site is now accessible to all and sundry.

A few centuries ago, governments can simply burn books to suppress information they don’t like. Now they got to work harder. Censorship is for losers. Winners go for education.

2 responses to “Of Inverted Flags And Net Censorship”.

  1. kucau Says:

    our country is better than b4? i beg to differ. we are now directionless ,the way the current gov handling the economy is clearly short sighted and what about the stupid flip flop decisions?. We are now a laughing stock to the eye of foreign nation.No, i dont believe the opposition is stronger ,its only relatively stronger due to weaker government.

    Yeah , non of our children are starving but i have been following MARA talks on business and etc , we have nearly 120000 jobless grads and the numbers are growing! I dont see much direction to correct this, our FDI is shrinking compare to vietnam and even Indonesia. I dont even have to compare us to china and India. Yes , our children are not starving now but they WILL if no affirmative actions are taken. Talking about competitiveness, look at the current idiotic actions taken by our suppose-to-look-brilliant Minister Shahrir Samad. Our inflation is at 7.2 %, worst since Tun Hussein time. Now , the actions taken to correct this non-reversible damage are even full of flaws.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Not the country per se, but the state of the nation. Specifically in terms of general personal liberties.

    As for “handling” the economy, I don’t think it should be done. See who’s the Finance Minister… he’s not even qualified to hold such a role (especially having flunked Statistics, of all subjects!).

    As for the “jobless grads” issue, it is inevitable due to the low quality of our tertiary education syllabus… especially our abysmal standard of English. Correct the education system and the rest will follow. But are we willing to do this? Or will we again succumb to the calls of “memperkasakan bahasa kebangsaan”?

    As for the high inflation rate… again, this is relative to the global situation. At least the number is closer to the truth. Remember the “Inflasi Sifar” plan or should I say scam of the 90s? That too was an idiotic campaign.

    I agree that the actions currently being executed are flawed. We put too much resources into trying to make Malaysia a more socialist state rather than allowing the market to self-regulate. In the end, this will always backfire.

    However, I do hope to be proven wrong.