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Drama At Newcastle United… Again

Newcastle United Football Club

It’s tough times again at my favourite Premier League football club, Newcastle United. And again it involves a former Chelsea person, Dennis Wise. The last time I remember NUFC being in a similar mess was when we had Ruud Gullit as manager. I guess ex-Chelsea people just brings bad luck to Newcastle United… maybe that’s not true, but they sure can drive good Geordies away though!

Apparently there’s a clash of personalities between Kevin Keegan and Dennis Wise. Although I have much respect for Keegan, he has yet again shown the world that he is a quitter. I don’t know of any managerial position that he had held in his career that didn’t end with him quitting. He’s always the one who wanted out and I just hope for his sake that the next gig he gets won’t end the same.

The thing is, the Premiership now is not the same as it was in mid-90s when Keegan shown his brilliance in guiding Newcastle to their highest Premier League position ever. But many Newcastle fans seem to forget that we never won the Premiership. Many more also forgot that Keegan couldn’t handle the pressure and quit.

The Premiership now is undeniably tougher than it ever was. Talents from across the globe would sell their souls just to play in a Premiership club. Hundreds of millions are spent on player transfers each season. Billionaires buy Premiership clubs to play real-life Championship Manager. Premiership clubs are no longer a sporting entity, they have become businesses.

This is what Keegan failed to grasp. He’s a footballing idealist who believes that the manager should have the say of who gets in or out of the club. It just doesn’t work that way anymore.

Keegan is a perfect example of a genius that just couldn’t keep up with the times. He undeniably has talents, but he doesn’t have the right attitude. He throws tantrums at the slightest thing that didn’t go his way.

As much as this is an unpopular event unfolding at Newcastle United, I have to say it’s inevitable. Some day, Newcastle United will win the Premiership. I’m sure that I’ll be alive to see it happen. I also got a strange feeling that NUFC will be under the management of a rookie or a relatively inexperienced manager at that time.

That’s the only way to go. To have a young manager who’s also learning as he goes along. The question will then be, Will the Newcastle board allow this learning process, or again sack a manager prematurely?

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  1. Dabido Says:

    Hmmm, the EPL was a business even in the 80’s and 90’s. I can remember several similar incidents at all sorts of clubs, especially where the bean counters were telling the manager what could and couldn’t transpire. I think the only team with enough cash to allow the manager free reign is Man U. You know Man U, it’s that American team that plays at Old Trafford. 🙂